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FMS375 – Texas International Brand – Reconditioned

The FMS 375 is mounted flush with the rig floor, allowing the casing connection height to be lowered 1 meter (3 feet), thus eliminating the need for scaffolding. The rig crew also has more room to work by removing the spider body from the top of the rig floor. The units are designed to fit into 37-1/2″ and 49-1/2″ (FMS 375) rotary tables. The FMS 375 is provided with standard rotary locks in case the rotary torque needs to be transmitted to the casing string. In the event of loss of hydraulic power, the slip assemblies can be raised and lowered manually from a single point at the top of the FMS.
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Varco – Part Number 70499Y – 5″ Single Joint Elevator

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SJL & SPL SERIES ELEVATORS   SJL and SPL single-joint, center-latch elevators are designed to replace unsafe rope slings for hoisting collar-type pipe into position. The SJL 90° elevator enables the crew to handle pipe properly, help avoid damage to pipe threads and reduce the chances of accident or injury. The SPL elevator is the same as the SJL elevator except that the SPL elevator is designed for use on tapered pipe, conforming to API specifications for extreme line casing
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