Block 4 Oilfield, LLC

Block 4 is a leading provider of products and services across the oilfield industry.  Operators, drilling contractors, and service companies around the world count on us to deliver the highest quality oil field supply, drilling equipment, and oil and gas field equipment from the best manufacturers. They also utilize us as their premier supply partner because we are committed to service like no other company. 

Sourcing & Procurement

We combine extensive knowledge, hands-on industry experience and a global presence to bring you unrivaled sourcing and procurement solutions for upstream oil and gas field equipment, drilling equipment, and general oil field supply so that your operation never has to slow down. We’re committed to making sure your supply chain performs at the level your company expects.

Valhil Capital, LLC

Block 4 Oilfield is backed by Valhil Capital which is an investment firm that manages multiple alternative asset classes, including private equity, energy, infrastructure, real estate and manufacturing.

Valhil Capital’s principals and executives share a common trait with our investment partners: each and every one has a combination of deal expertise and operational experience.

Our Featured Services

Supply Chain Services

Oil & Gas Industry Expertise

Global Sourcing

Block 4 Direct, an affiliate of Block 4 Oilfield, LLC, seeks to bring oilfield procurement and sourcing to the e-commerce platforms of the 21st century.  With this goal in mind, we allow buyers to work more closely with the end user to make the industry more efficient. Historially, end users have utilized oilfield supply houses to help them source equipment around the world and in return, these suply stores will mark up the product creating billions of dollars in lost cost avings for the end users. 

By integrating our technology, industry know-how, and supply chain expertise, we are creating a channel for the end users to work directly with manufacturers to cut out the middle men that create expensive mark ups, delayed lead times, and more. 

Our platform allows vendors to list their own online “store” and sell their products directly to the end users.  Whether its the manufacturer, a licensed distributor, a reseller, or a well-run supply operation, our platform allows transparency in the market so that end user can get multiple quotes from around the world to ensure they get the best price and delivery for the list of items that they need.