You have a couple options to achieve this step.  You can click on “Quick Quote” on the main toolbar on the top of the screen and fill out your information as well as attach an RFQ format.  This will send it to your inside sales staff to create a formal quote request on your behalf.  Similarly, you may email your quote requests to and we will do the same on your behalf. 

You may be both a buyer and a seller.  You will have to register as both in order to do this. 

Funds will be held by Block 4 until the funds are released to the vendor.  This allows for us to verify that the order was received in good condition by our partner freight forwarder. Once all items are accounted for, the money is released minus the site’s commission. 

Block 4 works similar to other e-commerce sites in that is charges a commission to bring your buyers through our platform.  This is done by our staff working on SEO optimization, online marketing campaigns, routine and regular site development to bring the right buyers to your online store, as well as direct sales efforts.  This overhead costs us money and because of that, we charge a 3% commission on items sold through our system. 

If you do not see the product category or subcategory that you want to list your product under, you may email us at and our Category Manager will work to add it to it.  In the meantime, we suggest listing it under the category’s misc. option. 

Yes, it is possible to post your listings on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and more. Some sites have rules and regulation for post that may seem like advertising.  Check with each individual site prior to posting anything that may be considered an advertisement on one of these sites. 

We recommend registering Block 4 Oilfield, LLC as an approved vendor.  Since we already charge a commission to the Sellers, we can process these orders without any markup.